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Everyone is equal, no more no less

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David Moran

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  • Alliance Explore Flooring


I would like to think that I replace the letter I with the word Tea and build relationships, put processes in place, optimise efficiency and get your house in order. In order to maintain this reputation we need processes to drive and maintain operational excellence.’


Gary Reynolds

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  • Alliance Explore Flooring


‘It’s simple really, we work hard and we give architects, designers and clients the creative scope to achieve their vision within the constraints of time and cost. We work with architects, designers and consultant teams, and with our supply partners. Alliance is recognised as a reliable delivery partner.’


Cathal O'Hare

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  • Alliance Explore Flooring


‘Every client wants their construction project finished quicker, cheaper and with no loss of quality, to achieve this our service offering has become a confluence of process and artistry. Risk mitigation is fundamental to what I do, we carry out a stringent analysis of whether a job is worth bidding; subcontractor prequalification; geographical and sectoral diversification; our long relationship with the bank; taking care not to overtrade, recruitment of appropriate staff and competition risk.’


Padriaig Healy


Padraig brings to Alliance an invaluable 20 years experience and knowledge of the flooring industry. From the ability to quantify and manage all areas of small to large scale projects ranging in value from €5,000 to 5 million Padraig shows an ability to react and thrive under pressure while at the same time maintaining a truly professional approach to both his co-workers, client and to the project itself.

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  • Alliance Explore Flooring

Luke Henry

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  • Alliance Explore Flooring


Luke brings 20 years plus of experience to the Alliance team and an infectious can do attitude.

Been a reliable and diligent Quantity Surveyor Luke is at the core of the Alliance Quantity Surveying Team.


Shane Mathews

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  • Alliance Explore Flooring


'I plan and coordinate projects ensuring objectives are achieved in relation to time, costs and quality. I get great satisfaction in delivering a quality project and seeing plans coming to life. We are making conscious changes to lower our carbon footprint and our effect on the environment.


James Hegarty

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  • Alliance Explore Flooring


‘I thrive on finding the best way to exceed client expectations in terms of programme, sustainability and cost. Seeing the clients reaction to the results from creating efficiencies and streamlining processes.

The future in construction is the power of communication through technology to increase output and efficiency for the client’.

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