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A union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organisations.


Trust is the true currency of the business world. We build lost trust with straight talk and by building an Alliance that begins with managers acknowledging that great employees might leave the company, and with employees being honest about their own career aspirations. By putting this new alliance at the heart of our talent management strategy, we bring back trust, we recruit and retain the talented individuals we need to adapt to the fast-paced world of fit out. These individuals, flexible, creative, and with a bias toward action, thrive because they have a mission that’s mutually beneficial to them to the company and to the projects. We have formed an Alliance and that is why we thrive in today’s world of constant innovation and fast-paced change.    


We supply and fit 6,300,000ft² of floor and wall coverings per annum. The Alliance team gives designers and architects the scope to bring their vision to life with a range of functional flooring that meets the requirements of even the most creative style. Clients and design teams have come to associate Alliance with reliability and added value - support, knowledge, and verifiable sustainability.


Achieving ‘mutual benefit’ is our mission - to help you to realise your vision through the use of quality materials, workmanship and delivery, Broadloom carpet, carpet tiles, vinyl, rubber, wood, ceramics, stone, sports floors, and tiling are among the myriad options from which you can choose to bring life to your project. But it’s not enough to provide an almost limitless range of options for designers, architects and end-users, the vision must be delivered in compliance with the contractors’ programmes of works, and the end result must be of a quality that will sustain for decades. The Alliance team does this by bringing 150 years experience to the project in parallel with product from the largest floor covering suppliers in the world. Flooring is in our DNA. Explore flooring with us.

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